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Denominated Number   click


Whole Number click                             Hello:

            addition                                              First  do the work that is on this web page.

            subtraction                                 Then to become skillful you need to practice.

            multiplying                                 I suggest that you buy a used math textbook or borrow

            division                                      one from the library and do the problems the author provides.

                                                               Usually these textbooks have the answers in the back so  

Negative Numbers                                you can check your work. Textbook authors tend to

            addition                                      complicate the simple. I suggest you don't read the text                            

            subtraction                                 the author wrote just do the problems and check your 

            multiplication                             answers.                               



Decimals  click                                     If you wish to be notified when new topics are added to                             

             addition and subtraction          this web page please e-mail me at:



             comparing decimals and fractions 


Fractions click                                       Thank you and good luck. Don't forget practice is what

            addition                                       will improve your math grade.

            multiplication                             sincerely,

            subtraction                                 Robert O'Connell 


            common denominator 

Percentages          click

             converting from percents to decimals click

             converting  to percents click

             percent problems click 

Exponents click                         

Scientific Notation  click


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