Have you ever noticed that 450 could be written
as 45 x 10  or that 450 could be written as 4.5 x 100
(check this with your calculator)  What could 5,6784
be written as   answers

Could 4.5 x 100 in the above example be written
as 4.5 x 102? Use your calculator to check the answer.

4500 = 4.5 x 103

 45000 = 4.5 x 104

4500000 = 4.5 x 106

The three above problems are in scientific notation

The distance from the earth to the sun is approximately
93,000,000 miles. This number could be written
as 9.3 x 10,000,000. It could also be written
as  9.3 x 107. In this form it is called Scientific Notation.
 In scientific notation numbers are written so that there
is 1 digit (never would this digit be zero) to the left of
the decimal point and the resulting number is multiplied
by a power of ten expressed by using 10 and an
exponent. How do we determine the exponent?
Look again at 93,000,000 and remember that all whole
numbers have a unwritten decimal point to the right
of the last digit. For example 567 could be written
as 567. but we don't write the decimal point.  How
many places have we moved the decimal point to
change from 93,000,000 to scientific notation and
what is the exponent?     answer

Try these examples -
           change 47,000 to scientific notation
           change 506,000 to scientific notation
           change 3.546 x 106 back from scientific numbers  answer