Changing from a percent to a decimal is best learned by seeing an example.

40.5% = .405 as a decimal

57.63% = .5763 as a decimal  Look at these problems and try to guess how percents are converted to decimals answer


Changing  37 1/2% to a decimal can be done in two ways.

      1. Convert 1/2 to .5 and replace the 1/2 in the problem so we know have

          37.5%  Then we follow the above procedure and the answer is  .375.

Why can we do this?  answer

       2. Sometimes we need to use the following method.

           23 1/8%    Change this to an improper fraction    185/8 %. Don't forget the % sign. Now remove the % sign and  replace it with  /100. So the problem looks like

           185/8/100  which means  185/8  100   which  changes to 185/8 x  1/100 and your answer is  185/800  This reduces by dividing numerator and denominator 5. Your answer will be 37/160 = .23125

Try this example     43 1/4%  Try using both methodsanswer