The concept of negative numbers originated in India,

as did the concept of "0". Let us look at this idea.

Imagine the temperature is minus 8 degrees (or
as we say 8 degrees below zero) and then we receive an
inflow of heat from the south. The temperature goes
up 6 degrees (not 6 degrees above zero but just 6
degrees warmer than it was). What is the temperature now?

minus 8 degrees is written as      -8 degrees
positive 6 degrees is written as    +6 degrees
the new temperature is             -2 degrees

When we add numbers with different signs, find the
difference between the number and give the answer the
sign of the larger number.
For example            -9     or  -7
                       +4         +8
                       -5         +1
The + and - are call positive and negative signs and do not indicate the arithmetic operations of addition and

add the following    1. -14
                        +17   answer

When you add numbers with the same signs find the total of the digits and give
the answer the common sign. examples    +3 + (+5) = +8 this example would be written 3 + 5 = 8 without  the  + signs in front of the numbers.
example   -7 + (-4) = -11
 Remember that a number with a positive sign (+) tells that the number is greater than 0. (numbers  with no signs are considered to be positive numbers)
 A number with a negative sign (-) tells us that the number is less than 0.

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