Whole numbers are 0, 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , ...   We have ten symbols representing numbers in
our system of arithmetic and all other numbers are represented by using these symbols.
What are these symbols?   answer  (in this web page click on " answer"  to see
the answer)

One of the most significant developments in mathematics was the invention of  zero. It was
developed by the Hindus and brought to Europe by the Arabs.  Do you know the
difference between zero and nothing?  answer

Another significant advancement in mathematics was the development of the concept of
place value. For example   $4,764 = $ 4,000 + $ 700 + $60 +$4 each of the two 4s have
a different monetary value because of where it is located in the original number. Where
the number is located we call its place and the value of the number (to express this
another way, "the amount it represents") is determined by its location.
               $7,986,756.87 Reading left to right what amount does each 7 represent?  answer
                You have 3,453 mangoes. How many mangoes are represented by the first
                and last 3?  answer

Each place in a number has a specific name.  For example 349.  The 3 is in the hundreds
place, the 4 is in the tens place and the 9 is in the ones place. Try and name the
first ten places in our number system located to the left of the decimal point. 

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