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 The slope of an equation is the coefficient of x when the coefficient of y is one. In this problem 4y = 7x + 2   Seven is not the slope because the y coefficient is 4   Solve for y;  y = 7/4  x  + 2/4   The slope is  7/4

What is the slope of 3y = 6x + 9?  answer

The slope of parallel lines are equal!  Are the following lines parallel?

y = 3.5x + 6 and y = 3.5x - 6   answer

When multiplied together the slope of perpendicular lines are equal to negative one.   Are the following lines perpendicular?

 y = 3x + 7  and y = - 1/3 x + 2    answer

The graph of y = 3 is a horizontal line and the graph of x = 2 is a vertical line.


Horizontal and vertical lines are perpendicular to each other by the definition of vertical and horizontal lines  

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